High Fives


Change the Way
We Think To Come Together 

AT METANET.net we are looking at changing the way we do E-COMMERCE that not only helps invest your money wisely but also takes your purchases of products to an entirely new level.

Working with Mask


Remove the Taboo.

Get Tested.

Don’t Be Ashamed. 

Get tested regularly in the comfort of your own home and feel confident that you are making a difference through awareness.



Somewhere in the World, people

Can Benefit from Your Monthly Testing.

For every purchase you make supply you with a Self-Serve 6-Month supply of testing kits that will ensure you can test and monitor yourself and protect others by doing so.



Your Cycle Can Help Others

We produce FDA approved products and by purchasing and using our COVID-19 Rapid Test Cassette you are testing for piece of mind and protecting your loved ones along the way.